Video of Snow Machine

  • Video of Snow Machine
  • Video of Snow Machine
  • Video of Snow Machine
  • Snow Machine introduction

    Introduction of Snow Machine
    Snow Machine is the first self-developed snow drifting machine. After years of research and development, the equipment is stable in operation, numerous in variety and and beautiful in appearance. The core accessories are imported from the United States to ensure that the internal machine does not leak fluorine and gas during operation, and with the world's first-class brands of compressors,ensure stable and durable of the product. In addition, the PLC visual operation interface facilitates operation and control, and the operation of the equipment is clear at a glance. The snow drifting process can be controlled throughout, and the equipment can be connected to a computer for remote control. The entire snow drifting process is performed automatically.

    The Function

    ► the area of falling snow are adjusted optionally (adjust the wind power and use the swing wind to adjust the area of falling snow).
    ► the size of the snowflakes can be adjusted optionally (use the wind power or the rotation speed of the ice making system to adjust the size of the snowflakes).
    ► perfect heat preservation system (with water tank automatic heating system, water inlet automatic heat preservation system)
    ► low temperature automatic protection system (the equipment stops running and alarms automatically when the water temperature in the water tank drops below zero)

    The scope of application

    Snow Machine is suitable for Ice and Snow art Museum, Ice sculpture Hall, Drifting snow House, Polar zoo,Drifting snow children park,Drifting snow hot spring and bath sauna, Laboratory, Indoor Skiing Site, Food Court, Movie shooting, Outdoor art area, Olympic venues, etc.