Mountain Blizzard Machine

Easy operation, and with multi-speed adjustment. Suitable for all kinds of beverage production, splash-proof baffle, hand cup is operated easily, and tastes fresh.


Features of  Mountain Blizzard Machine

easy to operate
Multi-speed adjustment, suitable for all kinds of beverage production
Splash guard
Safe operation of the hand cup
Fine taste

How to use:
Move the cup up and down,and left and right quickly around the mixing head to complete a perfect mixing;
The mixing time depends on the additives and the temperature of the additives; in addition, it also depends on the proficiency of the operator.

1. Pour ice cream (or yogurt) into a cup, and at the same time pour the ingredients that need to be added ;
2. Put on the cup sleeve and hold the cup tightly (grasp the side rather than the bottom);
3. Place the cup under the mixing head and lift it upwards until the mixing head touches the bottom of the cup;
4. Turn on the power switch and select the desired speed (speed selection knob);
5. According to different ingredients, generally run at low speed first, and then turn to high speed;
6. During the mixing process, follow the mixing head and slowly move the cup up and down until every corner of the cup (if the ice cream is hard, it should be shaken slowly);
7. Finally, use the other hand to turn the power switch to OFF to stop the operation.

Matters need attention
1. When cleaning, repairing, or moving the machine, be sure to unplug the power plug.
2. Do not touch switches and plugs with wet hands.
3. Do not wash the machine with water or soak the machine in water. When cleaning, be careful not to let water flow into the switch to prevent leakage.
4. If the machine is damaged or abnormal, please stop using it immediately.
5. Do not use metal containers.
6. Do not put hands, hair, loose clothing, etc. close to the transmission part when it is working.
7. Do not allow minors to operate the machine.
8. The grounding wire of the machine cannot be cancelled, and the machine must be restored to its original state after maintenance.
9. The machine should not run continuously for more than 30 minutes. If it is used for a long time, it must be shut down for 5 minutes after every 30 minutes of use.
10. Do not subject the stirring shaft to collision or lateral force. In this case, please stop using it and contact the supplier.

Product parameters
Type: DS-88
Size: Length 310mm Width:230mm Height:650mm
Power Supply:220V 50/60Hz
Power: 560V
Speed: 10-8000  RPM
Supporting parts
Hand-guard cup(large,medium and small size each one)
Baffle (one)
Applicable Scope
Add nuts, candy, juice, fruits, biscuits, etc. to create unique ice cream
After-sales serviceService
* When the customer needs after-sales service, please show the purchase certificate and this warranty card
* This product passes strict quality management, inspection and testing before leaving the factory
* Free maintenance for failures that occur within one year after the purchase of this product
* This product does not belong to the scope of free maintenance under the following conditions*
1. Failure or damage caused by improper use
2. Failure caused by impact or lateral force on the mixer shaft
3. Non-professionals disassemble and assemble the product internally
4. Damage caused by external factors such as impact or beating after purchase
5. Failures that violate normal usage or do not match the power supply of this product
6. Failures caused by force majeure natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and wars