Dongsan grating scale of South Korea

Advantages of jenix grating ruler 1. Quick and easy installation The design of grating ruler can help many kinds of installation methods and readjustment 2. Ensure high reliability operation


Advantages of JENIX grating scale

1. Fast installation and easy installation. The design of the grating scale can help a variety of installation methods and readjustment. It does not need to be readjusted even after many years of use.
 2. Guaranteed high reliability operation. The aluminum housing has high elasticity, Anti-wear synthetic rubber sealing edge to prevent debris, oil, dust from entering. The power supply surrounded by metal prevents debris and other electrical shocks.
3. High-precision, high-precision grating glass ruler and structure technology will ensure the accuracy of the workbench.

Scope of application

Compressor, large machine tool, large machine
Woodworking machinery, cutting machines and other industrial machinery
Lathe, milling machine. V-cutting and other processing machinery
Positioning detection of cranes, conveyors, etc.
NC machine tools, power centers and other automated machinery
Measuring instruments such as microscopes
Other industrial machinery and automation machinery

1. When the main ruler and the sub-ruler move relative to each other, a light signal is generated. After the change of the light signal is converted into a current signal, a high-resolution signal is generated through an electronic circuit.
2. The JENIX grating ruler provides output signals to the display through the origin memory of the photoelectron line distance of 0.02mm, including the main ruler with the light source and the graduation ruler and the photon element.
3. The structure of the grating ruler is that when the main ruler and the index ruler move relative to each other, the wave stripe is received by the light, and the change of the light is converted into an electronic signal. In fact, a high-resolution signal is generated through the dividing circuit.