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Snow machine

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The efficacy of snowflakes

1. Make people feel the authenticity of snow
The principle and method of snowing is different from the outdoor snow maker used in ski resorts. Snowing from the top of the room makes people feel the authenticity of snowing from the sky. (our patented technology)

2. Attract customers and increase economic benefits
Because the snow can be seen at any time throughout the year, it makes people feel magical and strange, and will attract many customers.

3. Good for health (snowhouse, snowman room and snowfall room of high-end sauna)
Promote digestive function: when the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the blood circulation of the abdominal cavity is strengthened, and the intestinal peristalsis is accelerated, which can effectively improve the digestion and absorption capacity. All long-term cold stimulation exercise people have strong appetite, few dyspepsia. Beneficial to the skin when the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the capillary and subcutaneous blood vessels of the skin contract immediately, enhance the metabolism of skin cells, and promote the secretion of cortical glands.

4. Make people healthy
When the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the body produces more heat to resist the cold, so it consumes the heat in the body, so that it is not stored as fat, so as to make people healthy. Long term cold stimulation exercise can increase immunoglobulin A, prevent and treat various diseases, make people comfortable and refreshing, and stimulate their spirit, exercise their will and enhance their confidence.